Feeling Depressed? 10 Things That Will Help You Feel Better Today

Feeling Depressed 10 Things You Can Try Before Calling Your Doctor


Just as you don’t have to call your physician for every little ache, pain, and sniffle, you don’t have to run to your doctor because you’re feeling a little depressed.

Consider trying these strategies to address your depression:

  1. Take care of your body. When your body is poorly taken care of, your mind suffers as well. One of the best things you can do when you’re feeling depressed is to put some emphasis on your body. Eight hours of sleep, healthy food, and a reasonable dose of exercise can do wonders for your mood.
  2. Spruce up your environment. Feeling under the weather psychologically? It’s time to declutter. Buy a plant. Hang some artwork that you love. Pick up your bedroom and make your bed.
  3. Get outside. Fresh air and sunshine can be just what you need when your mood is poor. Go for a long walk and just enjoy being outside. Listen to the birds or your favorite music. Get out of your head for an hour.
  4. Play a game. It could be a board game, lawn game, or video game. Play a game and have some fun. If you can do it with someone else, that’s even better. Who doesn’t like a good game?
  5. Create something. Paint a picture. Build a deck on your house. Hang a shelf in the garage. Make a website. Bedazzle your jeans. Create a scrapbook. Create something and notice how it impacts your mood.
  6. Use affirmations. Fill your mind and attention with positive thoughts and ideas by using affirmations. Make a list of 10 positive things you can say to yourself and repeat them as much as you can. Whenever a negative thought appears, try using your affirmations and see what happens.
  7. Stay busy. This one is tough, because you likely want to sit around and do nothing, but that’s likely to make you feel even worse. Use your time wisely by giving some of the other tips on the list a try.
  8. Interact with others. Avoid spending all of your time alone. At the very least, find someone online to chat with. Ideally, find someone you can see in the flesh and have a conversation with them.
  9. Remember your accomplishments. Give yourself something positive to think about by remembering all the great things you’ve done. Relive that little league homerun, graduating, or finishing your first road race.
  10. Make a reasonable plan for the future and begin working on it. Depression leads to getting stuck. One of the best ways to get unstuck is to create a vision for the future and begin working toward that. It might give your mood a great boost.

I Can Overcome Depression – Affirmations

I Can Overcome Depression - Affirmations

Use these affirmations and start beating your depression today.

  1. I am defined by the actions I take in response to depression and not by the depression itself. I am defined by my personality, my actions, and my beliefs. I define myself!
  2. I am stronger than these feelings of depression. I know that deep within myself, I have the ability to stop these feelings. In fact, I am so in control of my emotions that I can turn a negative into a positive using only the power of my mind.
  3. I find that thinking factually rather than emotionally is the most effective method of ridding my heart of these feelings of depression. Generally, I can shift my mood from depressed to contentment within just a matter of minutes.
  4. For example, when I begin to feel lonely, I remind myself that loving people surround me. And, when I feel an overwhelming impending sense of doom, I remind myself that both my loved ones and I are safe. I feel grateful for my blessings and find that this thankful feeling is my best weapon against depression!
  5. Overall, I am a happy person. I live an exciting lifestyle, surrounded by loving people, and I am a successful professional.
  6. I understand that every now and then, everyone encounters a small bout of sadness. And generally, the negative emotions are brought about by a sense of insecurity or an underlying worry.
  7. Today, I overcome my depression by accepting my emotions and then focusing my thoughts on something positive. I am a powerful, independent and stable individual. A small bout of sorrow is simply a small inhibition that I can overcome if I apply myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Is there a specific person, place or thing that serves as a trigger?
  2. Have I contacted my doctor about treatment?
  3. Do I express my feelings, or keep them to myself?