I Can Overcome Depression – Affirmations

Use these affirmations and start beating your depression today.

  1. I am defined by the actions I take in response to depression and not by the depression itself. I am defined by my personality, my actions, and my beliefs. I define myself!
  2. I am stronger than these feelings of depression. I know that deep within myself, I have the ability to stop these feelings. In fact, I am so in control of my emotions that I can turn a negative into a positive using only the power of my mind.
  3. I find that thinking factually rather than emotionally is the most effective method of ridding my heart of these feelings of depression. Generally, I can shift my mood from depressed to contentment within just a matter of minutes.
  4. For example, when I begin to feel lonely, I remind myself that loving people surround me. And, when I feel an overwhelming impending sense of doom, I remind myself that both my loved ones and I are safe. I feel grateful for my blessings and find that this thankful feeling is my best weapon against depression!
  5. Overall, I am a happy person. I live an exciting lifestyle, surrounded by loving people, and I am a successful professional.
  6. I understand that every now and then, everyone encounters a small bout of sadness. And generally, the negative emotions are brought about by a sense of insecurity or an underlying worry.
  7. Today, I overcome my depression by accepting my emotions and then focusing my thoughts on something positive. I am a powerful, independent and stable individual. A small bout of sorrow is simply a small inhibition that I can overcome if I apply myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Is there a specific person, place or thing that serves as a trigger?
  2. Have I contacted my doctor about treatment?
  3. Do I express my feelings, or keep them to myself?

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