“It’s So Simple, It’s Stupid™”

Beat your anxiety and OCD into remission, forever, FINALLY.



We’re soon going to introduce a wonderful and new lasting solution, known as Nature’s Detox. With the advent of Nature’s Detox, one can live a normal life, one free of the burden of anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and specifically fear.

It helps you regain control of your life!

Beat your anxiety disorder into remission and live a happy life, finally.

Nature’s Detox “We Can’t Say It Heals, But You Can™” is more than a couple of fancy words; it’s a lifestyle that was birthed from living with PureOCD for 25 years, and as such promises to be very crucial tool to people who are faced with anxiety or OCD issues.

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Master Emotional Intelligence

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Coming Soon – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Audio

Natures Detox

Coming Soon – Spend a Week With Me in the Grand Tetons and Better Your Mental Awareness

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Join me in this exploration as I delve into how I beat my Pure OCD, anxiety and depression arming you with the information you need to live a life of FREEDOM.


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Prefer a one on one personalized approach? A safe space where you can beat your anxiety or OCD? Let’s develop your inner badass and get support every step of the way.


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In this amazing break-through FREE eBook, we’ll cover how to gain Self Awareness, Self-Regulation, Focus, and Motivation.

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