Mental Vacation With Uplifting Meditations


Enjoy a Mental Vacation With Uplifting Meditations on the Sea

Just like water pleases our senses, meditating on the sea can make our minds more joyful. These are three meditations with marine themes that will leave you feeling better and thinking more clearly. Get ready for a magical experience!

Meditating on the Sea and Vastness

  1. Set the scene. If you have a beach nearby, head out to the sand. Otherwise, you can conjure up a marine environment with a recording of waves and seagulls. Set out a picture of the waterfront or some shells from your last summer vacation.

  2. Get off your feet. Sit down on the ground or on a chair, whichever is more comfortable. Maintain good posture with your back held straight. Your arms can relax at your sides or rest in your lap.

  3. Focus on your breath. Turn your attention to your breathing. Consciously slow down. Hold each inhalation and exhalation for about the same interval. Feel your diaphragm rise and fall as you draw air in and out.
  4. Picture an infinite ocean. Imagine you’re looking into an endless field of blue waves. Allow the image to fill your vision and your world.
  5. Feel the spaciousness. Luxuriate in living large. Stretch out and relish the absence of boundaries.
  6. Take a broader view of things. Conclude your session with a determination to give yourself more room. If you start to feel pressured, slow down and remember the ocean.

Meditating on the Sea and Purification

  1. Get into position. Get ready for your next session. Sit down and count your breaths.
  2. Observe your thoughts. Take note of each thought that crosses your mind. Remain neutral and accept whatever arises.

  3. Imagine everything rinsed clean. As your mind slows down, select a time when it feels natural to pause. Now envision water washing over all your cares.
  4. Share the sensation. Take that atmosphere of rejuvenation and bestow it upon others. Divvy it up among your loved ones and total strangers.

  5. Resolve to keep things tidy. Once you’re feeling restored, aim to stay on track. Spend less time worrying and devote your energy to the things you find most meaningful.

Meditating on the Sea and a Sense of Connection

  1. Take your seat. Once again, find your way back to the beach or the images that bring it to your mind. Scan your body and mind for any tension and let your breath melt it away.

  2. Contemplate the importance of water. Think of all the things that water does for you. Water provides beauty and enables life. It’s present everywhere: in the sea, your body, the rain, and swimming pools.
  3. Generate gratitude. Express your appreciation for water. It was there waiting for you when you were born. It makes your survival possible and quenches your thirst. It washes your clothes and allows people and goods to move across the planet.

  4. Add more blessings to the list. The more you think about it, the more you’ll notice all the things you have to be grateful for. Natural forces and other people provide us with many essential resources without requiring any effort or expense from us.

  5. Seek out ways to give back. Take a moment to ponder your connection with the Earth and other creatures. Think of their kindness and generosity. Even if the sea lacks any intentions towards you, it still showers you with precious gifts. With this perspective, you’ll feel highly motivated to do good deeds of your own.

Treat your mind to a beach vacation! Meditations on the sea are an effective way to put yourself at ease and see your life in a new light.

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