Fear Affirmations – Overcome Your Fears


I overcome my fears by pursuing my dreams.

  1. My dreams and goals are on the other side of my fears. I understand that I must conquer my fears to attain the life I desire. Therefore, in pursuing my dreams, I am also overcoming my fears.
  2. We all have dragons to slay. The treasure we seek is always guarded by a dragon. I am ready, willing, and able to slay the dragons that stand in my way. The treasure is destined to be mine. I am the hero of my story. I am a dragon slayer.
  3. Step by step, I am getting closer to my dreams. I face my fears each day, because I pursue my dreams each day.
  4. I am excited by the prospect of accomplishing my goals and simultaneously overcoming my fears.
  5. When I defeat any fear, I become even stronger and more confident. Living my dreams enhances my life in multiple ways.
  6. The closer I come to realizing my dreams, the less fear there is to face. Each step forward is easier than the last. I become bolder each day that I pursue my dreams.
  7. Today, I relentlessly pursue my dreams and laugh in the face of my fears. I plan to make a lot of progress today. I expect to be satisfied with my day and pleased with myself when I go to bed tonight. I am overcoming my fears by pursuing my dreams.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my vision for the future? What will my ultimate life look like?
  2. What fears do I have that are preventing me from aggressively and enthusiastically pursuing that vision of the future?
  3. How have I allowed my fears to control me in the past?

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